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SWTOR: Republic Fleet: Carrick Station

Carrick Station is the main hub in the game for the Republic. The empire station (Vaiken station) also has the same layout.  While Coruscant does have most of the amenities around the senate building, it does not have all of them, and also involves a lot of walking back and fourth.  The space make it easier, and has all the amenities.

Map of Carrick Station (click to make bigger)

The space station is split in to 6 section (only 5 are listed here on the map). The 4 outer sections are split in to 5 outer rooms and 2 inner rooms

Galactic Trade Market (upper right)

The 2 inner rooms contain the Galactic Trade Market. This is the action house / broker of the game. You can put your item on the market, or buy items from other people

The 5 outer rooms contain light side, and dark side faction merchants, and specialty merchants (i think the social merchant are here too). This is were you buy the light side and dark side items.

Supplies (Bottom right)

Supplies is a bad name. This is where all the planet Commendation merchant are. The lower level plants are in the inner rooms, and the higher level planets are in the outer rooms. There also are some special merchant that sell purple level 50 gear (high quality gear) there are also in 2 of the outer rooms. I believe at they are the high level flashpoint and raid (operations) merchants.

Combat Training (Bottom Left)

Combat training. The 2 inner rooms contains all the PVP merchants, and quest that you can pick up.

The outer rooms contains each classes trainer. This is also were you’ll be making your Advanced Classes selection if your level 10 when you reach the station (which you should be).

Crew Skills (Top Left)

This is the first place you have a change to pick up your 3 crew skills. The 2 inner rooms contains the Mission skills.

The outer 5 rooms contain the gathering and the crafting skills. Remember you can only have 3 skills. Each of the skills will tell you which are the recommended skills to go with it.

There is also a crew skill merchant in the middle of this area. Some crafted items require you to buy some secondary components, this merchant will have these components.

Cantina (Middle)

The Cantina is a place to hang out, its a cantina. Once you get your own starship this is were you’ll be able to access it, to fly off to another planet.

The Cantina has the Security Authentication Key merchant (i’m not sure how it works, but he there)

The VIP lounge (Not picture, but above the cantina)

If you have bought the collectors edition, or the Digital deluxe edition of the game (or maybe just the collectors edition). This is an area just for you, with special merchant just for you. I didn’t have access so i couldn’t see what they were selling.

If you didn’t buy one of these edition it looks like you’ll still be able to get there for 1,000,000 credits. (which is a shit load of credits).

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  • Phule

    I was in the Sat beta and I just couldn’t bring myself to play the game for more than 20 mins. I guess after playing EQ2 for 5 + years (now playing DDO) I can’t get into a pay to play game. If this was f2p I might give it a try just because I want another Knights of the old republic game. I saw in early interviews that this would be like that but it didn’t feel like KOTOR 3 to me.

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