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SWTOR: Coruscant: Senate Plaza — Smuggler Part 1

Coruscant is the home of the Republic, and it looks pretty amazing. The Senate Plaza is your main hub quest hub for the zone, and can be used as a city. The rest of the zone is NOT your typical MMO city, the rest is an actual zone were you kill thing and quest, except it take place in a city setting. The Senate plaza is set up in to 3 parts, or building.


Every planet has one of these, and they all have similar designs. There are 4 main landing pads (one for each of the classes). Some planets the story starts the moment you get off the ship, others don’t (though that could be class based as well). Other than starting the story, and having your ship (when you get your ship), there really isn’t much. The Spaceport is pretty much there as a place to park your ship. (Picture 5 looking back from the Senate building)

Taxi Area

The middle building is the Taxi building. Do note, the only way to get from one section of the city to the next is by taxi. You can not walk from the Jedi Temple to the Senate plaza, you must take a taxi. From the start you’ll know 1 taxi route to each area (some area have extra hidden taxi route that you can unlock).

Senate Building

Questions i saw over and over and over in chat… Where are the trainer on Coruscant? Where can i train crew skills on Coruscant?, Where is the Galactic market on Coruscant?  If your facing the senate building (picture 3) to the right and left of that picture are huge stair cases that go down, all the trainer, venders, crew skill people, ship locker, bankers… and so on, are down those stairs. It even show up on your map, i’m not sure why people were having such at hard time finding it

The inside of the Senate Building it self looks pretty amazing (picture 4), the area is pretty large. But most of the quest are in the front (and i didn’t explore the entire area).


And now for some pretty pictures.

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