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SWTOR: Coruscant: Black Sun Territory — Smuggler Part 3

By this point i kind of hated Coruscant, because it doesn’t feel like a planet that you can go out an explore. It felt like it a place divided in to 4 or 5 section. You gain a level and move on to the next section to never come back to the section you last left. Maybe later in the game you’ll come back to some of these section, but i have a feeling you’ll never ever come back to any of these places.

The Black Sun Territory is the level 12-13 area on Coruscant, it is pretty much a ghetto. It still has you Coruscant city feel, but with more dirt and grime and decay. This is also the first zone were you’ll pick up quest to get the title, Black Bisector after your name. I won’t ruin the story for you guys, but these quest start in of the side chambers of the senate chambers, and the droid will either give you a head ache or completely confuse you.

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