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SWTOR: Coruscant: Justicar Territory — Smuggler Part 4

Justicar Territory is the level 14-15 area on Coruscant. The story behind this area of the planet is that a die hard militant religious group has pretty much taken over this area of the planet, and the people living this area are forced to live by there rules. You also have word that Skavark (the guy who stole your ship) is hiding out in this area.

I didn’t keep good notes on this area so i don’t know what most of the side quest were about, and none of them really stand out, other than the story quest, as your getting very close to getting your ship back. There a slicer here that will hack in to Skavark republic account and re-add his criminal record so that he can’t leave the planet, she will also tell you that Skavark has run away to the works.

Now the Work is located deep in side Justicar Territory make sure you grab the quick travel computer terminal so that when you return the senate chambers you can quick travel to the entrance of the Works, or you will have to fight your way though Justicar Territory again.

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