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SWTOR: Coruscant: The Works — Smuggler Part 5

And here is the last solo area on Coruscant, where all the story line that you’ve been working on on this planet come to their conclusion.  The Works is pretty much the lowest points on Coruscant were the great machines build and repair the infrastructural of the city. And were an legion of imperial’s have been hiding out. Your job will be to repair some of the machine, kick the imperial asses, and get your ship back from Shavark.

When you reach Shavark he will be talking with the Imperials. He will take off while the imperial captain attack you.

Skavark with the imperials

One of the sad part is one of the side charter (Meil Muwn) that you meet along your travels in coruscant who is a cop from another world who is also trying to catch Shavark get shot by the imperial and dies. Before he dies he tell you he want you to capture Shavark and bring him to Justice.

Miel Muwn dying

At this point you know the location of your ship, and you’ll make it to the space port before he does and reclaim your ship. So as a smuggler (or any class really) you get your ship at the end of the second planet, around level 16.

The XS Freighter is Corellian Engineering Corporation standard light freighter ship, and in the future of Star Wars would be the inspiration for the YT-1000 (which is what the Millennium Falcon was).


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