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SWTOR: Taris: Republic Resettlement Zone — Smuggler part 1

At this point in the beta i started to actually take notes, so my post before this are probably very very thin with information will have a lot more. Taris used to be a world very similar to Coruscant, a place were the entire world is just one large city. 3 Centuries ago Darth Malak attacked and destroyed the city, and people fled the planet.  With no one left on the planet the building started to decay, and planet started to reappears. Creating a post-apocalyptic swamp in what used to be the heart of the city.

View of Taris as you leave the space port

The smuggler story at this point, you have taken your ship back from Skavark. And you have discovered a stole away on your ship, Skavark partner (Risha) is on your ship, and she agrees to help you instead. She tell you what Skavark was after the great hidden treasure of a famous Smuggler (Nok Drayen), who had so much power he manged to have his own quadrant or alliance of system. On Tairs the rumor is that Nok Drayen’s Astrogation charts are left in a vault deep in the ruins of the city, and you’ll need to go get them.

The first area of the city / ruins that you’ll export is the Republic Resettlement Zone. The planet is huge, if we take just the Republic Resettlement zone, i would say it about the size of one of the Elwynn Forest in WoW. To give you and Idea, if you see in the picture above the big circle pillar on the left. And behind in the distance you see another one. Though would be the circle on the map below.

If your looking at my first picture. On the map i below i would be on the where it says Olaris Spacesport, the building in front of me is the little rectangle, and behind that rectangle are all the merchant (the cluster of yellow point on the map). It takes about 3-4 mintues to get from one side of the Republic Resettlement Zone to the other (walking with out sprint). And that only one part of the zone if you look at the image below at the bottom right, there a map of the entire word, and this area is only about 1/4 or 1/5 the size of the actual planet. So if you wanted to run across the entire planet its probably going to take you 10 minutes. With that said you do gain Sprint at level 14-15 which allow you to run 35% faster, and really really really helps, because at this point the world has gotten huge.


The side quest in this area are almost all related to resettling the area, killing off the the animals in the area that have a plague that is making resettlement hard. Overall this is a get change from Coruscant, the world feel like a world, and not a bunch of segregated areas.

Find treasure. People are trying to repopulate the area that use to be a great city before the sith destroyed it.

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