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SWTOR: Taris: The Tularan Marsh — Smuggler part 4

So this is the last area of the plant Taris. While the name is called, the Tularan Marsh, you will not be in any marsh, you’ll be spending most of your time underground in the subways of the area (Mostly Transport Station Five, and Zone zero.


For the Smuggler’s at this point you’ll have help Risha friend with everything that she needed, and she will tell you the location of Nok Drayen astrogation chart which will help you unlock his treasure. To get to them you’ll have to go through the march to Transport Station Five following the long Rakghouls rail ways to Zone Zero. Which as luck would have it are swarming with Skavark henchmen who will try to stop you and prevent you from getting the charts.

This was one of the first boss fight that i died and have to change my tactics a little to defeat the boss. Overall it not to hard to kill them and you’ll get the chart pretty easily. Now if you remember you click on the quick port machines in the camp area of The Tularan Marsh, you can go and turn in your quest and take the speeder back to Republic Resettlement Zone. If not you have 10 minutes worth of killing to make it out of the subway.


Zone zero, getting the hidden Nok Drayen astrogation chart to unlock his treasure.

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