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SWTOR: Nar Shaddaa: The Promenade — Smuggler part 1

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG… If there was a planet i would want to live on, this would be it. This is another mega city planet like Coruscant, but the Hutt know how to make the city look pretty cool. It kind of feels like the Vegas of the Old republic. You’ll reach Nar Shaddaa around level 20 (though the quest for this area will be orange for you until level 21, then they will become yellow).

This also happens to be the first Planet that both the Republic, and the Empire share. This means it is probably your first chance for PVP. So get ready to see the other side, and if your on a PVP server, watch your back.

Now it does feel like Bioware did a lot still to keep the side separate. I believe each side arrives on a different space sport. They do share The Promenade, but it is covered with Hutt security forces so i don’t think your going to see much PVP on the Promenade. I also believe some of the area on the map are separated. For instance the first area you got on the Republic side is Nikto Sector, while i believe the empire goes to Corellian Sector. There also 2 casino’s in the game (Club Vertica, and Star Cluster), and i was only able to go to one. So you really get this feeling that the Empire and Republic are still pretty separate except for the Promenade.

In the Promenade you’ll have the skills merchants for each side, and you normal commendations merchants, stims and other stuff. And a large catina to hang out in

And now pretty pictures.

Leaving the Republic Spaceport. In front of me are the 2 floating casinos, I believe there one for each faction.

Whats a Hutt planet with out some Sex.

This was the first time i saw the Pomenade... And OMG does it look amazing.

The cantina (i don't think you can go up to the other levels, but it still feel massive)

Outside view, with one of the casinos in the background

Another outside view.

An outdoor casino, this is one of the pleasure barges docked next to the Promenade

Another view of the Promenade from the first floor this time.

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