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SWTOR: Nar Shaddaa: Nikto and Corellian Sector — Smuggler part 2

The Hutts have given the Republic the area of the Nikto sector as a place to put a base (i’m assuming they gave the Corellian sector to the Empire). But the area is swarming with Nikto gangs, and you are sent to help bring down the gangs.

I love the little thing Bioware did to make the game feel more alive. Wether it the little robots on the imperial side that chewbacca scared off, to something like this. You show up at the Nikto Sector and there a burning speeder that being put out by a droid. While the owner is arguing with someone else. It little thing like this that make the game feel alive. Though i would love if these kind of thing were dynamic like Rifts in Rift. That would make the world feel more alive, and not have the same thing there every time, because the 10th time you past it, it just part of the background.

I found the story in this world much more memorable for the Smuggler, i thought it was very enjoyable. So you’ve come Nar Shaddaa to give Drooga the Hutt the last male of a species of animal to eat. In retuer he will give you a modified engine for your ship that will help you find  Nok Drayen treasure. He also has a female of the animal as well. When you get to Drooga the Hutt, you’ll find he has a wookie that he fights for his amusement. *wink wink nudge nudge, say no more* When you talk to Drooga the Hutt you will find out that someone stole his female rare animal and he will not take the male from you or give you what you need unless you find the female.

Out side of the smuggler story line, the area story line is that the Kintan kings gang has taken over the area, and you’ll need to confront their master ‘The Mountain’. The Mountain turn out to not just be 1 large guy, but 5 identical guys. The first time i fought them i died, but the nice thing is that the ones i killed off also stayed dead which made fight him again easier. Now thing is something i am noticing more and more that the boss fight are getting harder.

What ever the gang is called it taking over an area the Republic has been given to make a base. Kill their boss mountain

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