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Razer Old Republic gear… What a waste of money.

So today i some how manged to end up on Razer, Star Wars: The Old Republic Gear, and i was completely shocked at what they are trying to get people to waste money on…

First up. The $139.99 buck mouse. The Mouse has a Battery life of 12 hour if continuously used…. That just completely unacceptable, wtf is the mouse doing that 12 hour of continuous use will drain the battery? There are smart phones on the market that can are able to last longer with continuous use. The mouse is big enough to fit at last 2 phone size battier in it. And like all rechargeable batteries how long is this thing going to last after year of use 4-8 hour. I can’t see anyone in their right mind buying this mouse.

Next up. The 249.99 Keyboard… So this is a keyboard, with 10 lcd button keys on the top right, and a LCD track panel on the bottom right… That all cool and stuff, but whats the point, you can just buy Razer 49 or 79 buck keyboard and get all the other features. What happens when you quit the game, well the entire right side of the keyboard which was designed for Old Republic pretty much becomes useless.


It not even worth going in to there 49.99 slab of plastic they want you to put your mouse on….

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