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5 days until Early Access for The Old Republic starts.

We are now 5, yes 5 days away from early access to start. I am hoping i get one of the earlier early access slot. I registered my pre-order in August, so i do hope that before the majority of the people, but it might not be.

So i know i really want to play the entire story line for all 8 classes, so i’ve been planing in my head the order and sub classes i would pick for each.

  1. Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer — Based on what i saw in beta, this was the second more popular Empire class, with the Sith Warrior being the most popular (Hard to beat Darth Vader feel).
  2. Trooper Vanguard — My main class in Everquest 1 was a tank, my main class in everquest 2 was a tank. It will be great to be a close range tank again
  3. Jedi Knight Sentinel — Since i know i want my Sith Warrior to be a single light saber tankish class, i’ll have my Jedi knight to be dual wielder.
  4. Imperial Agent  Sniper — Range DPS class, that pretty much it
  5. Jedi Consular shadow — Double light saber, and Stealth that rocks.
  6. Bounty Hunter Mercenary — Range DPS/healer
  7. Sith warrior juggernaut — i’ll make someone like Darth Vader
  8. Smuggler scoundrel — Since this is the class i played
Now the harder part is thinking of 8 names. Ogrebear, and Ratbear are the only names i’ve used in MMO (well an ogrebears). So i’ll have to think what names i want to use. But i’ll probably start with just making the sith Inquisitor and worry about naming the other later.
For my legacy name (assuming it still available) i’ll use the same last name i’ve used for 10 years in MMO’s Fuzzybottom.

1 comment to 5 days until Early Access for The Old Republic starts.

  • I’m doign the same thing — I plan to be:

    1) Trooper Commando
    2) Agent Sniper
    3) Inquisitor Sorceror

    and after that it gets a bit murky as to the order I want to play. That said, I do know I’ll do BH Powertech, Consular Shadow, Smuggler Scoundrel, Warrior Marauder, and Knight Guardian .. .I just don’t know what order I’ll play them in. I still plan to at least create them all on the 1st day to reserve names and to take them to log out in cantinas for rested xp for a little boost once I start playing them, but. . . I don’t plan to rush on any toon either, so I expect it’ll take me a while to get through my “known 3” before I have to worry about anything else.

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