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The Old Republic Datacron locations

Update Dec 14, with a few more sites. (If anyone know of another good site list, or one with youtube video on how to get some od the datacron let me know).

Update Dec 19 — Added Video walkthrough site for Datacrons

I have been keeping track of different website that currently list the Datacron location

Website with Datacron locations and walk through to get them. These 2 sites seem to have the best location information.

  • SWTOR Spy — Probably has the best information on datacrons, including step by step instruction on how to get some of the hidden ones
  • SWTOR Strategies — This one includes video walkthroughs.
  • Republic trooper — Also has some good information. Does not have as much of a walk through though.
  • — they have a pretty good list with details no images. I do recommend anyone playing SWTOR join the SWTOR subreddit.
  • Cyberneticpinks — They have a pretty good list as well. Just a list of location and a short description).
  • IGN — I hate to include them… but they have a pretty clean list for each planet (with out pictures or videos)

There are several different types of Datacrons:

  • Green: +Endurance (secondary stat for all characters)
  • Orange: +Cunning (Smuggler / Imperial Agent primary stat)
  • Purple: +Willpower (Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor primary stat)
  • Red: +Strength (Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior primary stat)
  • White: +Aim (Trooper / Bounty Hunter primary stat)
  • Yellow: +Presence (secondary stat for all characters)
  • Shard Datacrons: Shard Datacrons give you a Matrix Shard instead of a stat buff. Matrix Shards can be used to create relic slot items. There are four different colors of shard Datacrons: Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow.

You will be able to see Datacrons from quite a distance as they emit a large glow around them and shoot a beam of light into the sky. If you are very close to a Datacron you will also be able to hear the sound from them. Though do note that some lore item that are hidden also make the same sound when you get close to them (but not the glow). (A good example of this is on Korriban in the sith skill trainers you’ll here the same sound, and if you go up to the second floor you’ll find some lore items but they are not datacrons).

Some datacrons give you a colored Matrix Shard (instead of stat buffs) that you can use to build a matrix cube which can be equipped in to one of your 3 relic slots. The old republic wiki give some very good information on what type of relics are made at different levels.

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