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We are 1 day way from Early access to SWTOR. When will i get in?

The Old Republic subreddit has this great charts. I ordered my game from amazon on the 21st in a hotel room while i was in Belfast. I didn’t registart my pre-order code until July 27th when i was back in the US. This puts me in the first 10-13% of people who registered. Based on that i guess i’ll be getting in to early access on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Now the important question. Will my pre-order make it to my house before the 20th, so that i can enter my pro-order code. Currently Amazon has not shipped my order, but they still say that it will make it to my house on the 20th. My hope is that it gets to my house on the 20th so i can keep on playing with out getting kicked out. I know Bioware is trying to find out why retailers are not shipping the game when they thought they were.

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