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W00t i got my early access to SWTOR

I ended up getting my early access to The Old Republic in the last round on the first day. I pre-ordered on the 21, but i didn’t enter my code until the 27th (i was over seas in Ireland and England at the time).

Yesterday after i got home from work i logged in and picked the Server Lord Praven (West Coast PVE server). And created Ogrebear my Sith Inquisitor. None of the server were full when i got home. Most were listed as Low with a few Medium (Lord Praven has a Medium server). I am expecting after today flood of new people we will see more of the server medium, and maybe one or 2 high.

With that said i’m worried i might not get my collectors edition on the 20th. Amazon still has not shipped or even said that my collectors edition is about to ship. They do say they expect it to get to my house on the 20th. Bioware has specifically said that you will need to have entered your product key on the 20th if you want to continue play the game. For it to get to my house on Tuesday (with 2 day shipping). It would have to be shipped early Friday. And that about 36 hours away.

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