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Tatooine: sith inquisitor

Story so far (since i didn’t make blog post for thouse) (spoiler…)

Your a slave sent to Korriban because you are force sensitive. There your trainer favors another sith and does everything in his power to stop you from becoming an apprentice. In the end your Master picks instead of your rival and kill your rivals.

Your new master tell you that you must collect 5 relics, 1 on each of the 5 planet you’ll vist in act 1 (Dromund Kass, Balmorra, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, and Alderaan).


There are 2 major cities in Tatoonie Anchorhead (which is the republic city) and Mos Ila (which is the Empire city), you can not enter the opposite city, and the only way in or out of the city is by flight path. Mos Ila all trainers, crafter, and merchants, are on the right side of the city after you leave the spaceport area. The left side of the city, does not really have anything of interested. At level 24 you will be able to by your own speeder (If you have the collectors edition you got a free speeder), you still will need to pay the 40,000 credits to get your flight license. If you start saving money at level 20 you should have about 50,000 credits by level 25.

The Dune Sea

Tatooine is split in to 2 parts. The Dune sea (a sandy waste land that no one live on) and the Jundland Wastes which is the populated area. Unlike the worlds before this that felt really linear, this would feels more like a real MMO. It completely open and you can go where ever you want, and its massive. I imagine walking from North to South would take 10 minutes (with sprint), and east to west about 15.


Bioware keep the Republic and Empire pretty separate as well The empire quest deal mostly with the southern portion of the map, while the Republics deal mostly with the North side. But for a lot of people this would be the first time they’ve seen the other side (yes you can see them in Nar Shaddaa, but other than the Promenade you don’t share any other areas with them.

The story in the area deals mostly with the abandoned Czerka Corporation bases, and getting your relic back from the pirate who stole it.

Word of caution, if your in the dune sea and you see a lot of corpses around… and one that clickable… DON’T CLICK IT, when you do Trapjaw a level 30 world Boss will spawn, and make you his bitch… And you don’t want to be his bitch.

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