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Alderann: Kaamos Territory : Sith Inquisitor

Welcome to Alderann! An amazing looking world and at the end of this world is the end of Act 1!.

So as a sith Inquisitor your goal is to find the last relic your master Darth Zash needs to complete the ritual. The Relic you need is being held By House Organa in The Elysium. To get to The Elysium you will need to lure the Jedi Nomar Organa to Alderann and take the key from him.

House Thul (It's pretty huge) The Space port is behind me, the main market place. Right on the left side of the entrance is the castle are the trainers). The city is so large there are 3 taxi points in side the city.

But before you can start on that mission House Thul need your help. House Thul was banished from Alderann, but when Alderann left the Republic they came back with the support of the Empire. Now Alderann is in the middle of a civil war with 3 sides. The Empire backed House Thul, the Republic Back Organa and the current king house, House Ulgo.

The non classes mission in Kaamos Territory are two fold. One is to prevent the attacks on Thul. One by a once allied house, and the Guerilla attacks supported by Organa. You also are sent to poison the Killik (race of bug people) that inhabit the world.

So This part of Alderann looks amazing (well the whole planet does). I did find as a Sith Sorcerer this Planet was easier than Tatoonie. Now it might not be. After I left Tatoonie I spent a large deal of time tradeskilling and upgrade a lot of the armor on my self and my companion. (Currently I am wearing mostly blue and orange gear, with 1 purple), and my companion is mostly in blue and green gear.

Trade skill wise I am currently doing (Archaelogy, Synthweaving and Underworld Trading). So far i’m about 250-280 in each. So far I haven’t seen to many people crafting, so i’ve been able to sell each blue I make for 5,000-15,000 at level 20-30. I am assuming as time goes by this price will go down, as the game goes on. So far I am coming out ahead by a little. I have heard from guild mates that some of them have made over 100K on slicing by 25…

And now pretty pictures.

Right out side Thul House (city)

A canyon the separates the area. It has a great view.

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