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Alderann: The Glarus Valley: Sith Inquisitor

The Glarus Valley is the ancestral home of House Panteer, which used to be the Royal Family of Alderaan. In the middle of the valley used to sit The Elysium and Castle Panteer, must of which has been destroyed. While most of Alderann looks great, this place take the cake. This picture of the ruins of The Elysium as you leave The Juran mountains just feel amazing.

Sith Inquisitor quest.

First quest is Secret Rendezuous. This is were you will meet the Jedi Nomar Organa and face him for the key you need for the Relic. He is in a cave called Aesea Killik Tunnels. In this tunnel there are multiple level 30 and 31 Elite Killik Stinger. You should be able to defeat one of these (if you can’t, you are not going to be able to take on Nomar Organa). I was level 31 when I faced him and he wasn’t to bad.

The second and last quest is “In the Halls of Elysium”. This quest does not show up on your map

The location your looking for is x-718 Y -308. Once you get on the transport you will be taken up to the Hall of Elysium, there are some minor boss mob up here, but nothing all that difficult. And at the end of the Hall you’ll get the Relic, you now have all 5 relics and can complete Act 1 (more about that in the next post).

So the In the Halls of Elysium Location. Do you see the little island directly in the middle of the map. Above it is a yellow road, and above that is a small dotted yellow road. At the end of the dotted yellow road is were you want to go.

Empire Quest
The empire quest in this area are very interesting. Your first job is to recover the late queens crown. And then you make a push in to Castle Panteer Throne Room and take out Bouris Ulgo. This event is pretty fun. Right before you can fight him he put up a big force field. You will have to go to each of the 4 pillars in the Throne room and take out the generators. And then you can fight him. He is pretty tough, I think it took me 2 tries to take him out.

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