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End of Act 1 sith inquisitor

So you’ve though you got to the end of Act 1 now that you have all 5 relics…. you haven’t :<.. Warning Act 1 spoilers

First you fly back to Dromund Kaas, before you can even leave you space ship. Darth Thanaton (you master’s master) warns you that you master time is coming to an end. Then Lord Kallig (you ghost ancestor) comes and tell you you must get his light saber from Nar Shaddaa. So it is off to Nar Shaddaa, where you’ll see there is a new quest giver in the port. This quest giver give you the bonus series in Nar Shaddaa and should level you to 31 or 32. Since I like to do all the quest I recommend you do them it will take a few hours.
If you skip the bonus series you’ll go straight to the casino to get you light saber. It should be held by the decedent of Escalus family. You’ll find out that the father of this family sold your light saber. You’ll have to kill the pirate who currently owns it to get your light saber. Then it is back off to Dromund Kaas to help you master with the ritual.


During the Ritual you learn that Darth Zash isn’t as young as she seem, she very very old and her body is decaying on her and she needs a new body. Yours. You’ll fight her and defeat her, but at the last second she will attempted to finish the ritual. Khem Val will jump in and save you her mind will be transferred over to Khem Val. There are now 2 mind in one body, because of that she can’t kill you, even though she wants to.


This ends Act 1, Act 2 get set up at this point. A bunch of Zash’s old apprentices come in to the room and become your apprentices. And inform you that Darth Thanaton want to talk to you. He send you in to a cave to get some old relic, but he really is sending you to your death. A force ghost attack you and your force power have no effect on him. Lord Kallig save you, and tell you you must learn the power of eating ghost. With enough ghost protecting you you will be able to defeat Darth Thanaton. He tell you of another cave that has a ghost that will teach you this power. Go there gain the power, come back and acquire the original ghost. And report back to Darth Thanaton who will kill you. But because you have a ghost you will only look dead, and wake up back on your ship.

My self dead.

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