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Synthweaving Guide

So today i made it up to 400 Synthweaving (max level), and i would like to point out some tips for other Synthweaving crafter

How do i get new blue and purple schematics? How do i get upgraded Schematics of Green items?

All the green items that you craft can be reversed engineered. Every time you reverse engineer an item you have a small chance of getting the Blue version of the item which has better stats.

All Blue Items also can be reversed Engineered, and have a small chance on giving you a Purple schematic.

Rumor…. I’ve heard some Purple items can be reversed Engineered to give you a higher quality purple schematic. (But its just a rumor and i haven’t seen any yet).

What other Crew skills should i pick with Synthweaving?

  • Archaeology will get you the raw material you need to create synthweaving armor.
  • Underworld Trading — This get you the Blue and Purple raw Material you need to make the Blue and Purple armor.
Can i make money with this skill?
If you want to make money as fast as possible, Slicing if the way to go. With that said. I have been able to make 7,000-15,000 for most blue armor in the 30-40 range. Not all of it sell though.

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