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SWTOR: Patch 1.0.1. The Death of Slicing

You can view the official patch notes here.

The big change with this patch is that Slicing has been nerfed… But lets face it, we all saw this coming, and if you didn’t see this coming then you need to get your eye checked.

  • Rewards from Slicing have been reduced to bring them into balance with other skills.
For though of you who were not aware, by the time you got t0 300 in slicing (tier 5 and 6) the rich and Bountiful were giving you so many credit you could make 6-7k an hour just by slicing. The change make it so that you make more along the lines about 1K an hour. You still come out and head, and it still is free money you don’t have to do anything for, so there really no point in complaining.
Though i will admit i made an alt and get her up to 400 slicing to help pay for my sytherweaving,

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