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Sith Inquisitor Act 2: Taris

As i mentioned in my Republic Gunslinger post about Taris, i really don’t like this planet. So i kind of rushed though this planet. I really don’t know what i don’t like about the world, other than i hate being in it. It might be because this was the last world before Tatooine, and Alderann, when i was playing as the Republic… Or something about the urban decay bugs me, i don’t know.

To defeat Darth Thanaton you will need to capture a couple of ghost. There is one was one of the one left on Taris during the last bombardment. The side story (well part of the same story) is that the Jedi apprentice, Ashara Zavros is a relative of the ghost. Your goal will be to turn her to the dark side and make her one of your apprentice (and crew). I did love the story telling for these quest. You have to find these node (or something) on the way to her, each one has a cut scene that show Ashara’s struggle with the force and fighting with her master.

You eventually have enough information that you and the Moff make a plan to have Imperial attack her, and you’ll come and save her. She’ll thank you and change over to your side. Which she does, but she will hold to the Jedi Code. She will not do evil things, you can think of her as a fallen Jedi.

With her on your side you are now able to go to after her dead relative and capture his ghost.


A side quest (that everyone can do) Involves Thana Vesh, every camp you go to she try’s to capture or kill the same person you do, and every time she fails. At the end you can befriend her or kill her… I killed her since i’m evil like that.

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