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What to do at level 50 in SWTOR?

This information is for the Empire (but i assume it is similar for the Republic.

Daily Quest

These daily quest give you Daily Commendations, which will show up in your currency section. Daily Commendations can be turned in for item mods and items at the mission vendors in Ilum and Belsavis.


Flashpoints are the group dungeons of the game. At level 50 the flashpoint you can do are (Empire, though i think republic can do them as well). I believe most of these you can get access to from the fleet. Flash point have 2 Level Normal, and Hardmode. Hardmode has better loot, but is harder.

  • The Red Reaper (Level 45)
  • Directive 7 (level 48)
  • The Hidden Threat
  • The False Emperor
  • The Battle of Ilum
  • Crystal Fortress
  • Means of Production
Also note that there are Flashpoint Daily and Weekly quest. These are located on your fleet’s space station in the supply area.


 There are 2 forms of PVP. Open world PVP (which currently no one is reallying doing on PVE server) and warzones. Each type of PVP has it own form of  currency. WarZones have Warzone commendations, and for open world PVP there are Mercenary Commendations. You can by 10 Mercenary Commendations for 30 Warzone (and the other way around).

There are also Daily and weekly PVP quest (open world, and Warzone). These, and all the merchants can be found in the combat training section of the space station.

There are currently 3 in games, you can’t chose which one you end up in, and most of the time it will be Hutt Ball.

  • Voidstar (which i have never seen)
  • Huttball (which 95% of the time will be the Warzone your sent to)
  • Alderann (which i played once and loved).
Data crons 
There are 67 datacron (well there more but each side only can access 67)

2 comments to What to do at level 50 in SWTOR?

  • Galaji

    Odd that you say you have never seen the Voidstar warzone and that you get huttball 95% of the time.

    Since I started playing last week, I have only seen huttball twice. I routinely get the other warzones.

  • I’m assuming your on the republic side. It seems like Voidstar and Alderann are Empire VS republic. While Hutball is Empire VS Empire, Empire VS Republic or Republic VS Republic. If your on the side on your server that is overpopulated (which the Empire is on most servers), then you’ll probably seen Hutball more.

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