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I think i will subscribe to SWTOR for 6 months.

The sad think about this, is that this is a hard choice. I put a lot of faith into Bioware, that they would deliver the next big MMO, i even bought the collectors edition. I think a lot of people did as well expecting a lot out of the game.

What was got was an MMO that came out to early. There’s to many bugs. Feature every single MMO should have are missing (Flashpoint queues to name one). That also is content light (other than the main quest line, each side from 10-50 pretty much has the exact same quests). There roughly 300-400 solo quest for each side and that it… Bad itemization of Flashpoint (or in general).  By 50 your mostly in blue gear with little bit of purple gear. Normal flashpoints drop green or blue gear, most of which you already have better at 50. So what the point of doing normal flashpoint??? Everyone does Hardmode flashpoint since they drop gear you can actually use.

So with all these negative i and a lot of the people i’m playing with are wondering if we should even bother getting a subscription.


I’ve decided to take the risk and give Bioware 6 month, as there really no game coming out that i really want to play over the next few month (not a Diablo fan). I told my self going in to this game i would love to level all 8 class to 80, and i plan to do that. But Bioware (well EA) i’m giving you a second chance (mainly because i paid 149 bucks for your game), and i’m hopping in that time the game get better. If not 6 month down the line this game will be another Rift. Another game that had a lot of potentional that fell but fail to have enough content to keep the level 50 happy.

So far Ogrebear by Sith Inquisitor is level 50, and my first alt  Pithon is a level 25 Bounty Hunter (powertech).

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  • Kotttonmouth

    Got a little busy the past 2 weeks, so my character is still working on getting to 50. Just hit 43 on my BH Merc. I haven’t really experienced any bugs and I’m still quite enjoying the game. I cant wait to get to 50 so I can start another story-line.

    I do agree the game is missing some “Must-have” MMO features, but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and hope to see some of them over the next few months.

    As far as the price tag, I bought the 80$ version. I admit I do regret it and wish I went with the standard. The main reason I went with it was for the “free” mount. Both EQ2 and Rift, the Special Edition mount gave you one mount at a very low level for all characters. In SWTOR, you get a free 8,000 credit mount (chump change) but still need a very expensive license… on top of that you still cant use it until level 25.

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