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SWTOR detailed crafting guide.

Someone has posted a detailed crafting guide on the main forms. With this very good information

Some high lights.

  • Armor items can be reversed engineering twice. (Green -> blue -> Purple). I am not sure if (Blue -> purple -> Purple) work though.
  • Each green item can be broken in to 3 blue items
  • Each blue item can be broken in to 5 purple items. (meaning that green item you got, cave give you 15 different purples.
Redoubt (+Defense)
-Anti-Armor (+Defense, +Surge)
-Exactitude (+Defense, +Accuracy)
-General’s (+Defense, +Presence)
-Veracity (+Defense, +Shield)
– ?????? (+Defense, +Alacrity) (This is the missing Tier 2 Prefix)Critical (+Critical)
-Endowment (+Critical, +Surge)
-Fervor (+Critical, +Accuracy)
-Leadership (+Critical, +Presence)
-Supremacy (+Critical, +Alacrity)
-Tempest (+Critical, +Shield)

Overkill (+Power)
-Commander (+Power, +Presence)
– Expert (+Power, +Surge)
– Hawkeye (+Power, +Accuracy)
-Rampart (+Power, +Shield)
-Vehemence (+Power, +Alacrity)

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