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TORhead Patch Leaks – 1.2 to 1.5

Torhead has leaked information about patches 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5.  You can view the full information here I’ll just put some of the best part here.

  • Patch 1.2 –Prepare to return to Corellia to battle each other for control over the Black Hole, scout the Lost Island, and head to the planet of Denova to battle it out against both the Republic and Empire.
    • New Dailies on Corellia (It sound like the Empire is losing is control of this planet while the Republic is gaining it back)
    • New Flashpoint — The Lost Island
    • New Operation — Explosive Conflict on the planet Denova
  • Patch 1.3 —  Discover the Legacy of the HK series of Assassin Droids, discover the horrors hiding deep within Belsavis, obtain Czerka Technology and aid Gree Droids as the mighty black bisector.
    • New companion Hk-51
    • New Dailies on Belsavis
    • New Flashpoint — Titans of Industry — This centers around Czerka Technology
    • New Operation — Terror From Beyond — You help the Gree Driods defeat the dread masters
  • Patch 1.4 —  Battle with the Hutts on their homeworld of Varl and take the fight directly to them.
    • New planet — Varl (original Homeworld of the Hutts)
    • New Dailies — Sound like the dailies are on the new world.
    • New Operation — Scum and Villainy — related to the hutts
  • Patch 1.5 —  Trek to the ancient secret capital of Rakata Prime, do battle with a rogue Imperial Warlord and face off against The Dread Masters.
    • New Planet Rakata prime (Home world for the Infinite Empire).
    • New Flashpoint  — The Imperial Warlord
    • New Operation: The Dread Masters
For Path 1.3-1.5 i see a continuing story. involving the Dread Master that were free’d on Belsavis. Leading the raid against them in 1.5

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