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STWOR does not have 1.7 Million player any more

Bioware has less than 1 million players currently playing SWTOR. I know EA currently release their quarterly report saying that they had 1.7 million player, but there information is from their 3rd quarter report. Their 3rd quarter ended on Dec 31 2011, which means that on Dec 31 2011 they had 1.7 million players. How many do they have now?

Well let check what the population of the server looked like on Dec 31. About 10-15% of them were full, 25-30% where heavy, 25-30% were light with the rest standard. Switch that to today. 0% of them are full, 5% are heavy 55-60% of them light.

Same data be easier to read
Dec 31 2011
Light 25-30%
Standard 25%-40%
Heavy 25-30%
Full 10-15%

Light 55-60%
Standard 35%-40%
Heavy 5%
Full 0%

That a huge difference, in my eye that probably a 50% drop. (You can check the x-fire data to, SWTOR has drop by about 1/2 to 2/3 the amount of hour that were played).

This leave me to believe that SWTOR has about 750,000 to 1 million people playing it. As EA has reported in the earning. 500,000 players are needed for the game to be profitable, and 1 million are needed to make an ok profit.

My prediction is if SWTOR continues in the direction it is currently heading EA going to have a bad fourth quarter, and EA will make a major changes to bioware. While i want SWTOR to succeed, this is not the game people were expecting. People are tired of the bug, tired of the bad itemization, tired of the limited end game, tired of leveling their alts through the exact same content every single time.

I believe what we are going to see is SWTOR go the way of EQ2, it won’t become the WoW killer people thought. A lot of the player base will leave (50-75%) in the first 3-4 Month, and then the game will stable it self. It will be just profitable for EA to continue to support it, but cut will have to be made. Voice acting will go away, or use less often. The Bioware team will be shrunk or moved to other projects, probably 50-60 people will be left (similar to eq2 team).

8 comments to STWOR does not have 1.7 Million player any more

  • Nailed it. And I know people whine when X-Fire is brought up…but, sorry…it is plain to see when players STOP playing a game. The drop has been huge.

    Just because they are an X-Fire player, does not mean they are not a customer….

    Bioware took the wrong direction on SWToR, and it shows.

  • Yeah, the population drop, especially in the lower-level zones, has been very noticeable. I’m still having fun with it for now, but I can see myself quitting in a few months after I’ve exhausted the various class stories.

  • Kotttonmouth

    Maybe its because my game play time isnt what it used to be now that I have a house, 2 kids and a full time job, but Im still having a blast. My level 50 Merc is working on crafting, as well as repeatables, operations and flashpoints. And I’m having so much fun with Alts, I can never decide which main story I want to continue next.

    Yea I agree they need to add some features and fix a few minor bugs, but overall I am still highly recommending it.

  • Robert

    If the numbers are based on the percentages above.. then there is a flaw.. the percentages above, showing server capacity will be lower, as they continued to increase max population on each server during launch.

  • Galthanas

    Lol @ main post, just lol.

  • fg

    Robert, i don’t believe they are continued to increase max allowed population because is not the reason for it. Every server has technical limitations so increasing the online player limits can solve nothing so why they should do that? Is not reason for it…

  • Rawen

    We’ll see. Personally I think it’s flawed to use f.ex. x-fire and/or percentages in terms of server loads (seeing as the caps that mark each load type, light, standard etc, has been changed a few times since launch)

  • JPSeabury

    “I believe what we are going to see is SWTOR go the way of EQ2,it won’t become the WoW killer people thought.”

    Blizzard just layed off 600 developers, WOW is already dead. I’m not suggesting that SWtOR killed it, but I’m still loving the game!

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