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Maybe i should try Eq2 again

I am thinking i’ll give Everquest 2 a chance again… Its free to play, and i’ll get to see my old character…

SWTOR has failed in my eye. I should of followed by my advice i gave the last time a hyped game came out which was not believe the hype, wait tell the game comes out. Instead i spent 149 bucks on the collectors edition, and a 6 month memebership… It just kind of depressing.


So i’m thinking i might play EQ2… Or maybe WoW, i never really did get in to WOW

3 comments to Maybe i should try Eq2 again

  • WeFlySpitfires

    Give WoW another shot – pick up Cataclsym and try the Worgen or Goblins. They are a lot of fun.

  • Kotttonmouth

    I can’t speak for WOW since I have never seriously played it, but don’t play EQ2. That product has gotten really shitty. Their last expansion offered no new level cap or zones… they just want your money.

    I’m still loving SWTOR, but I know your not the only one having problems loving it. I don’t understand you all 🙂

  • Jenna

    Hi Ogrebear,

    Always wondered:

    Do you live in the USA? Are you American?

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