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2 Month Later…

I am alive! I know I have not blogged much in the last 2 month. I haven’t touched a video game since February. The fact that STWOR did not live up to my expectation put a huge hammer in to my gamming. I guess like most people I got to worked up about a video game and when it did not live up to my expectation, I gave it a week or two and quit. Well I guess I stayed longer than others, early February. Normally I would of picked up another video game and start playing that, but instead I quit video games all together for the last 2 month.

2 month later… I’m a mess. Tv and books are great, but they don’t give me the enjoyment video games do. The last few weeks I’ve been rather bored, and a little depress. Turn out reading books and tv is missing that social accepts games (MMO particularly add).

So I guess I’m coming back to playing Video games. Since I still have time on SWTOR (for a few more days) and the new patch has come out, I’m going to start playing that again and see if I can get back in to it.

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  • Kotttonmouth

    Welcome back! Im still enjoying SWTOR. What a great game, I cant wait to check out the new raid zone they just added.

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