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The Story of Ogrebear

I’m alive, i’ve pretty much avoided MMO, and gaming all together for the last few months. And because of that there hasn’t really been anything for me to blog has a total of 15 post this year (which is less than my average blog post a month).

So what happened? A history leason on Ogrebear

So way way way back in 2002 (10 years ago) I started to play Everuqest 1. I really enjoyed the game, and for 2 year it was pretty much the only game i played.

Then in 2004 EQ2 comes out (before it should of) to compete with WOW. I was a fan boy, i dismissed all EQ2 faults, and played the game, and in all honesty it was ok, and then Scott Hartsman took over and magic happened. The Adventure packs were great, and i thought the first 2 expansion (while small) where amazing. And then he left to make Rift. The next 2 expansions where ok, they where bigger, but each one seemed to lose the magic. By this time its 2009 and i’ve gone from SOE fan boy, to hater. At this point i was logging in mostly for my guild and when i was bored, and so i quit in 2009 (though i did give Sentinel’s Fate a try in 2010)..

Ogrebear the Wander..

From this point i tried different MMO’s, Aion, Rift, Star Trek, Warhammer. While they were fun for a while they never really could reach me the same way Everquest 1 and 2 could, and i ended up quiting most after a month. WoW a special exception, maybe there was a little bit of SOE Fan boy left in me but i never could give WoW a fair shot, the first 2 time i tried it i quit very early on. The last time (last year) I made it to level 85, and really enjoyed the game, but got frustrated as a group priest healer.

you were the chosen one!!!

And then there was Star Wars the old Republic. Even before the game came out i had become a Fan boy for this game. I wanted this game to fill the MMO void i’ve had since 2009, i think a lot of people did. And we all got lost in the hype, it was Bioware, it was Star Wars, this was going to be the next WoW. I should’ve listened to my own advice i had given before Vanguard came out. I wrote a very quote the sum’s up what i thought would happen to Vanguard when everyone was jumping up and down from the hype.

“The Hype is only because of Brad McQuaid. Brad McQuaid is like Steve Jobs for MMOs. At MacWorld it dosn’t matter what Steve pimps out to you, but he’ll make you want it, he’ll make you drool, and you’ll go out and buy it all hype’d up and buy it. A few days later when your not hype’d up you’ll find out it not what you expected. Vanguard will suffer from this.”

And vanguard did, And Star Wars has as well.

The break up

And so in February i pretty much stopped playing MMO’s, and it probably was a good thing. I think my self and MMO’s and game in general needed a break. And i think a break was good thing, it has been over 6 month since i’ve played an MMO, and i’m itching to play one.

The Return

So i’ve decided to play WoW again.

I’m back bitch!!!

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