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Meet the Team!

So i decided to play WoW Differently than i’ve play other MMO’s. Most MMO i’ve lever a single character to the max level and then started an alt. This time around i’m going to level 4 character together up to the max level. Each one going through different content. So far i made it through the first zone on all these character.

Ogrebear –Tauren Druid

So this character going to end up being my healer, out of the group. I wanted to be a druid for a healer as i’ve heard they are very good in group. So only Tauren or Troll can be Druid in Wow, so i had to chose Tauren…. Playing a Troll ya right. Tauren start off in Mulgore, which i like the area (seeing as it now 8 years old). One of the first thing i notice was that the area was huge, and it takes quit a bit of time to get any where, i don’t know if that a good or bad thing. I do like how everything is not compartmentalized like most MMO’s these days. So far i like the Druid (though after playing the other 3 classes, this one looks like i might have the most trouble with. This will be my Horde character going though the Kalimdor content.

Ogrebears — Human Warrior

So I’ve always loved the East Kingdom and most of my character that i played before went though this area, so i won’t talk about it much. I have not play a pure Melee tank class in a long time (Since early Everquest 2), so this should be interesting. So far i like the warrior.

Ratbear — Goblin Hunter

So Goblin are one of the new races that was added with the new expansion. First off i’m not sure what to think of the new quest. The biggest difference between the old content and the new content, is that the old content was more serious felt more like they were taking thing more seriously. The new content, does not take thing as seriously. But overall i love the quest, this guy though will be moving over to the East Kingdom to run the horde side over there, as Ogrebear will be doing  Kalimdor. So far the hunter is pretty good

Magebear — Night Elf Mage

This is one of those classes, race combination i’ve always a wanted to play, but never did since like 1/2 the server plays it. So far i love it. Right now i’m going Frost Mage, and my pet kind of annoying. Is there any way to turn off the pets sound, i’m tired of hearing the same water sound over and over and over again.

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