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Hi, I’m Ogrebear… + 6 month recap

Hi, i’m Ogrebear! You might remember me from 6 months ago. 6 months ago i apparently fell off the radar. I would like to let everyone know i’m alive, and will officially back.

So were the hell have i been over the last 6 month?

Well right after the post before this one i gave up on World of Warcraft, while i enjoyed leveling up, at some point it become a boring job and there was no point in continuing. After retiring for a second time from WoW, i pretty much gave up video games, until i got Guild Wars 2 in September. Since then i’ve put way way way to many hours in to Guild Wars 2. This is also the first MMO i’ve played with real life friend, which has greatly changed how i play the MMO (i’m much more attached to playing it).


Personally i feel i made some transition to a more mature person in these 6 months. So now that i’m back, expect some change in how my blog looks, and stuff like that.

1 comment to Hi, I’m Ogrebear… + 6 month recap

  • Glad you’re back. I’ve been playing TSW with an IRL friend 2-3 nights a week, and you’re right, it makes a huge difference in my attachment to the game.

    Looking forward to seeing more posts in the future!

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