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Morrowind Day 2

So i made it to Balmora, i took the Sith Strider there instead of walking. I spent quite a bit of time exploring the city, selling stuff, and buying armor for my character. This felt more like a city/town than most modern video games (as there are at least 30-40 builds). Unlike lets say winterrun were there only 10-15 builds.

MGE Screenshot 9


My first thought was to complete the story line quest, so i went off to find Caius Cosades. When i found him he gave me up 200 years and told me to come back when i wasn’t so wet behind the ears… So i went off and joined the Fighter Guild (which is located in this town, along with the Mage’s guild).


So here i am, off to fight my first mob in the game. A rat, i run in to Drarayne Thelas house confront the rat and start hitting it with my sword, over and over and over and then die…. from a rat.

After spending some time looking at my class, and online turns out i was using a short sword, when my major skill is a long sword (short had 5 point in it, long had 35). I switched to long sword and lowered the difficulty to -40. this time i was able to kill the rat and only lose 20% of my hp.

Maybe i’m doing something wrong, but the way i attacked the mod was to just spam click my sword until he died (i’m playing as a Knight).

Egg Poachers

The next quest is to kill 2 egg poachers (Sevilo Othan and Daynila Valas). If you follow the river south from the town you’ll eventually see the bridge which is near the Shulk Egg Mine which is where this quest take place. Most of the thing in the mind are non aggro to you, so i didn’t kill them. When you enter the queen Chambers, the 2 poacher will come and attach you. With my new difficulty setting i had no problems take out both of them.I might have to raise it if it keep up being this easy.


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