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Morrowind Day 3: Join the Imperial legion

I was going to continue the Fighter Guild, but the next quest (Telvanni Agents) would have to going all the way to Caldera Mine, which after looking on the map was kind of far away for me. Since i’m still level 1. So i went off to join to Imperial Legion to gain some more levels. I made the mistake thinking that i could join the Imperial Legion in Seyda Neen. Lucky i was able to go the Sith Strider off to Gnisis to join the Imperial Legion. Oach just under 100 gold to make the journey… MGE Screenshot 21   It took me a pretty long time to find Darius to join the Imperial Legion. He in the basement of the market build (who’s outside is much much smaller than the inside). Widow Vabdas’ Deed You’ll talk to Widow Vabdas to ask for the deed of her house so that the Legion can make a new dock. She won’t give it to you and claims the Legion killed her husband in the Gnisis Eggmine. So your off to the Eggmine to find who killed her husband. In the lower level of the mind you’ll find Lugrub gro-Ogdum who will attempted to kill you if you don’t leave the mine. Kill him go though the door and talk to the Ghost of Vabas’s husband who will ask you to find Lugrub’s Axe which is in one of the pools in the area. There also happened to be a couple agro kwama warriors walking around and i ended up killing those as well.

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