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Couldn’t get in to Morrowind

I tired, i really really tried to get in to Morrowind, but i couldn’t. Maybe 10 years ago i could, but with all the improvements Skyrim has made over Morrowind, i just couldn’t get back in to the game.

So now i’m back to play my Skyrim character (which i have 3 of).

Orcbear — Level 16 Warrior

Thiefbear — Level 16 Thief

Elfbear — Level 9 Mage


I’ve also been playing a little bit of GW2 every once and a while, but i’m find it harder and harder to keep interest in that game.

2 comments to Couldn’t get in to Morrowind

  • Something about the TES series is a little weird to me. I *loved* Morrowind, but felt overall that the base game was merely a good hook for all the player community’s mods. I liked the freedom of the world and how there was a ton of stuff to do without following “the main story.” I never even got around to starting that main story quest line until I’d had the game about 6 months, and it took me 3 or 4 aborted attempts before I finally finished it on some character. I don’t even remember which one, actually — I made so many different concept characters. Pure mage, pure fighter, little bit of everything, House Telvanni with this one, Hlaalu with that one, this one does he Dark Brotherhood, this one doesn’t, and on and on.

    But even with all of that, if it hadn’t been for the mods that made things make a bit more sense (small aggressive rats that charge you from 100 yards away. Seriously?) and remove some annoyances (yes, I’m looking at YOU cliff racers!) I doubt I would have enjoyed the game as much.

    As a result, when Oblivion came out, I held off to wait for some mods to be released to correct what I figured would be the inevitable mis-steps Bethesda made like they had in Morrowind. And from all the word of mouth, yeah, they did, to the point where it was a semi-consensus that certain mods were *required* in order to really play the game. And as such, I never bought Oblivion.

    Same with Skyrim. I’ve heard much better things about Skyrim overall, but nothing that really made me go “Dang, I want to play that now!”

    Now, I’ve signed up for the TESO beta, but don’t really care if I get in or not.

  • I would recommend you get skyrim when the GOY editions comes out. (It still 59.99 even a year after it come out). And there now 2 big expansions (and a small one where you can built your own house). Its very very very well done. There are a few story line quest, but there a lot of exploring and random quest all over the place. It one of thouse games that i’ve put in about 200 hours, and haven’t explored everything, and i haven’t got bored of.

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