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Skyrim: Meet Elfbear my Destruction Mage


What else can i say straight off the bat, other than Skyrim can be so damn massive and sexy at time. The throat of the world in all its glory from Winterhold. I’ve yet climbed the 7000 steps to the top of high Horthgar on this character yet, but one day when i’m not busy with the rest of the game i’ll follow the story line up to the top.


So ElfBear has is one of my three characters that i am playing in Skyrim and he is Altmer (Elf) Mage. So with each of my character i try to create a persona and play as that person. Elfbear care only about magical power, and being the most power Mage alive. Out side of that he does not care to much about the Nord’s and there war with each other (he has yet to pick a side). He is loyal to the Aldmeri Dominon and the Thalmor. And hence despise, and will even kill people who believe in Talos.

Quest wise, Elfbear has become the Arch Mage at the College of Winterhold. I think my next two goal for this character are to become a vampire in the Dawnguard expansion and to buy a house.


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