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Skyrim, Elfbear gets a house

While Elfbear is the lowest level of my character (mainly because he as a Mage he uses less skills than the Thief, or Warrior), he had the most money, so i ended up buying a homestead for him. Looking at the three homesteads. I went with Lakeview Manor as it sounded like it would be the easiest to get.

So i was a little let down by the amount of customization you can have on the outside of the house. Every house start off as a single room place, that you can attach a great hall to. After that you can have a little bit of customization in the wings.

West Wing (Enchanter’s Tower, bedrooms, or Greenhouse)

North Wing (Alchemy Laboratory, Storage room, Trophy Room)

East Wing (Library, Armory, Kitchen)



I have yet to build any of the wings, but i’m pretty sure for my Mage i”ll be going Enchanter’s Tower, Trophy Room, Library.

When you first get your house everything on the inside is bare, except for the door. At this point you can customize by going to the work bend and if you have the part making the items. It appear every item has it own place in the hall so there really not to many choice. Some items in the house you can put your weapons and book in to to make the house more you own. But again it is very limited, nothing like Everquest 2.

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