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Skyrim: Meet Orcbear my 2 Handed War Hammer Warrior



So like i said before i like to role play my characters  Elfbear, the other character i was talking about was a Mage who only care about being the most powerful mage alive. This character Orcbear, is my tanky warrior, his care is more along the line of doing the “right” thing. In this case straight off the bat i had him siding with the Empire and not the Stomcloaks, through he entire civil war.2013-02-02_00003

I found the civil war quest to be rather disappointing. I was expecting to attach some of the cities of the jarl’s who sided with Ulfric Stormcloak, but that never happened. Most of the quest ended up having me attack forts instead. Which i found rather boring and very easy to complete as a warrior. With that said the fight to get to Ulfric Stormcloak was interesting, and i decided that i would not kill him. Mainly for a role playing aspect  i would of rather had him sent to jail.

After the civil war was over i moved on to join the Companions. For the few of you who might now knot the Companions are like the Fighters Guild of Skyrim, they have a large hall in the city of Whiterun called Jorrvaskr. The interesting thing about the inner circle are all werewolves, and i joined the inner circle so i am also a werewolves now. The story was ok, but it not really one of the best one in the game.

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