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Its been awhile

So its been awhile since blog post.  The really aren’t any video game that interest me at the moment. I’ve been playing a lot of old video game so I haven’t been blogging about. If anyone knows of a good MMO or RPG let me know and I’ll give it a try.

I just recently got an Android tablet. So I’ll probably start having some post about android games android programming for the Android that’s another thing I plan to do. I’m trying something new with this post. The entire post is me talking to the Android having it the words there. Since I believe I speak better than I type my grammar should improve from this. Anyway that’s worth in last few months.

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  • Same boat here. RL has gotten extremely busy, so on the rare occasions I am able to play anything, I still may need to hop up at a moment’s notice, so MMO’s haven’t appealed to me at all. I’ve mostly been playing Civ5 since it’s turn-based and I can just leave it sit if necessary.

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