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Sim City 5, Patch 2.0 utter failur

I had hoped patch 2.0 would make the game playable… You know the games been out almost 2 month, they done tons of patches, and this was the first really big patch, and i was hoping that this would really make the game playable.

Traffic has become horrible. I started a new city, and with in 2 minutes i had 2000 people, and a traffic jam that went 1/2 way through my city. WTF. And it wasn’t like i had 20 street connect to my main avenue. I had 2 avenue going to people houses, and one to people’s jobs. Only 3 places where there were stop light. and traffic pilled like i had just made an inner city with 1 lane roads only.

I’m sorry EA/Maxis i’m done, i might check in every once and a while to see if you’ve made the game actually playable. This is just a bad joke.

It So bad at the moment, i’ve made a promise to my self not pre-order any more EA game, and to wait 1 or 2 month after the game has gone out for other to review if the game is worth it or not.


EA your dead to me.

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