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Sim City : Poor Land part 1 (Post Patch 2.1)

I know the post right below this is blew EA a new one, and i still feel that way. But at the moment there are no other game to play, and i did spend 79 bucks on this game (if you can call it that). So i’m going to attempted to play again. Instead of creating what we would consider a real city i’m going to try to create a city that works based on the rules that are in place in Sim City.

For my new region i have desired to go with Discovery Delta, all the other Region’s I’ve played have always been Viridian Woods or Titan Gorge, as these 2 maps have the most of the flat cities in them. A lot of Viridian Citys are also flat, but there a lot more water way through city which should be this a little bit interesting.

For my first City in the Region i went with Spooner Plains, which i plan to make a very very low income, industry area.




My hope by not have all the streets connect and just having a few main streets traffic will not get to bad.



And so far so good, traffic is doing pretty well in the city, but right now most of the building are only Medium, or low density. I’m expecting traffic to blow up when some of the high density builds come in to play.

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