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Everquest Next: Rumor and Speculations May 2013

If there is one video game that i’m excited for coming out is Everquest Next. I was a big Everquest 1 player in my early college years. I played on Kane Bayle starting a few month before Plane of Power came out in 2002, until late in 2004 (i think i quit a month or 2 after Omens of War came out). I think i loved most of the expansion that came out during that time except for the Gates of Discord. The moment Everquest 2 came out i jumped ship to that game, and spent countless hours in that game, it also the main reason i started this blog. And that was my game of choice for almost 4 years.

So at least 6 years of my MMo gaming year (11 years of playing MMo’s) has been in everquest, so i would love to go back, but i want to see how SOE plans to do that. So a few months ago John Smedley did a interview of EQ Next, which you can read here, and there were some interesting thing in that interview.

Once we made that shift, everything else had to follow. And what we saw was RIFT. We saw the writing on the wall with SWTOR. We saw The Secret World. We saw all these games that we knew were in development and very high-quality, but we saw what was going to happen — this big spike and then it goes down. That’s the truth of what’s been happening with MMOs. The fans need to realize that if you don’t change the nature of what these games are, you’re not going to change that core behavior. We want to make games that last more than 15 years. That’s why we made the decision to change it.

The funny thing about this quote is i played each of these games and had issues with each that i talked about in this blog. So that got me thinking, what did i like about the game, and why did i leave them.


So, by the time i was playing rift i was using Raptr to keep track of my game time. I put 449 hours in to Rift (or 18.7 full days worth of time (56.1 work day). What made me stay? Well i enjoyed leveling up, and i enjoyed the next content, those keep me in the game. Looking at my own blog, i reached 50, 3 day later i made my last post about Rift and quit. Why did i quit, well i had reached the end of the content (quest) that was keeping me engaged, and i pretty much played the entire game with zero social interaction. Unlike Eq or Eq2 there really wasn’t much content to go back and replay (in eq1 you could go from 1-65 and only vist 1/10 of the world, so there was so much to explore and see). Some will say, but Ogrebear, you could of done group rift, dungeons  and then raided. Which is true, but i didn’t really feel like rading, and since i had zero socail interaction with people in the game, i had no one to join a dungeon with.


So Raptr also keep track of my game time for this game, i ended up putting in 480 hours in to this game (second highest on my life, only TF2 has more hours in it). I really really loved the story of the game, and the world had so much potential, but what happened was each world was for 5-10 levels, and then there no point in ever coming back to that world. Which is sad (rift had the same issue). There is so so so much you can do with a world, but if you leave it so that it only for a certain level range you kill a lot of the fun of having a massive world. Unlike Rift i didn’t quit when i got to level 80.  I was much more invested in the game, and the world, and i was social with other people. We did group Dungeons, which were pretty fun, but there was a problem. Most of us had already crafted better Armor than what you could get from a Dungeon. And so at some point i asked my self what was the point in playing the game? I was out of content, i had reach the highest level i would with my armor, and i really don’t enjoy doing the same thing over and over unless i’m doing it for a reward. And so i quit the game.

The Secret World i just started to play so i won’t say anything about it.

What is SOE going to do?

That hard to tell. I’m going to make the assumption they gone through the same thing i’ve had. You make it to the top level of the game, and your bored, there nothing to do, and a lot of people don’t like the armor grind that is the top level. At the same time i do not want them to take the GW2 approach where everyone can solo there way to the top gear. Because i did that and once i got there i ran out of content and had the best arrmor, so i had little will to play that game after that.  I really don’t know what there planing.


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