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Sim City Patch 3.0 (trying out a new city)

Ok not long after Patch 2.0 has come out, EA has release patch 3.0, which you can read what has changed here. Just quickly looking at this patch it looks like they did (at least in the patch) a lot of stuff with Traffic. So i’m going to be trying my luck at a casino city to see if they’ve made things better or not (i am not to hopeful).

I started my city pretty much like i start all my casino city. about 1/2 the land is used for people to live, and the other 1/2 is used for the casino area. Straight off the bat i’m not seeing as much traffic issues as i did the last time i tried this. I think the last time i tired this i quit after 5 minutes in to making my city, because i had 5000 people living it it and a traffic game 1/2 way across the city.



So faster forward a few days. I have a population of mostly low income workers, most of which work in the city. At first the casino city seem to be doing pretty well, but over time i started to see less and less people coming to the Games, and to the casinos. During the morning hours 6AM-noon, there would be like no one at the casino, or any of my tourist spots. While i had some traffic, traffic wasn’t bad in the morning. It would only get bad when i would have a big game at the large coliseum.




Overall Option after patch 3.0. EA/maxis made the game a little bit better to play, i feel the game has reached the late Alpha, maybe early beta phase, but still needs 3-6 more months of work to get to release quality. If you are thinking about getting the game, don’t it  currently not worth 59 buck. It better than it was before, but still has a long way to go.

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