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The Secret World: Kingsmouth Part 1

After seeing the EA logo when i loaded the game, i was about to ask for my money back, but after reading some of the forum it looks like funcom made the game with zero help from EA, and EA is acting as the publisher. So i’ll give the game a chance. (note to anyone from EA, your are still dead to me for how bad Sim City came out, i will only ever buy something that comes out of your company after it comes out and if it has good review after it comes out no pre-order ever again).

So back to The Secret world, i honestly had never heard about this game until one of my guild mates in GW2 who’s as board as i am with GW2 said he was going to try this game. And so far i like it, i mean what is there not to like about a game that you can kill Zombies. I do see already see what John Smedley (previous post) has said about this game and every other MMO. I’m going to reach the max level and most likely leave the game.

In The Secret world no matter which side you pick (Illuminati, Dragons or Templars) after you leave your starting city (which you’ll promptly leave once you find out London is the only city with a bank), you’ll be in Kingsmouth to start the game. There are a couple of time of missions in the game.

  • Story Missions — By this point you already have this. This is the only mission that in unique to the 3 factions. You can only have one of these (but you’ll never find these out in the world)
  • Actions Missions (main Mission). These appear as red. These are longer quest in an area, typically have 2-8 parts, and you typical get a weapon/armor award.
  • Side Missions (you can have 3). These are all over the world, they are short missions in the area
  • Investigation Missions (main mission) These have a computer screen and count as a main mission. These are your puzzle missions
  • sabotage Missions (Main Mission) where you sabotage something.
  • Dungeon (Group) Missions)
  • PVP missions

The first mission your going to see is “For a Fistful of Zombies” the main goal of this quest is to have your kill zombies on your way to the main quest hub. Along the way there is a side quest that i missed the first time i went through the game, but make sure you pick that one up as well (as it also is going to the main quest hub).




The main quest hub in this area is the old police office, were what is left of the town has barricaded the area to protect them self from the zombies. There are 3 quest gives (one in the police station, one on the side ,and one on top, each giving different difficulty of quests). My first time through i didn’t see the guy on the top of the police station, he’s the dude that give the easiest quest to start off with. Which starting off since you have no armor is a good idea to do his first quest (and wait tell later to do his second as it is much harder.






Over all I’m liking this game already.

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  • Chaos / Blade starting? Most excellent! My “main” uses Chaos / Blade as my main solo spec. Has good damage and wonderful survivability with the various passive skills I’ve got slotted in too.

    I was gonna link my chronicle, but it looks like I’m in my AE farming build right now instead, which is Blade / Shotgun. Oh well.

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