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Starting a Shatter Mesmer in Guild Wars 2

I know I’ve been jumping from game to game like a crack addict, hell i even put in 10 hour in to Euro Truck Simulator 2 this weekend  But at this point i think i’m going to stick to Guild Wars 2, and maybe a bit of The Secret World.

So I’ve decided to try out a Mesmer in Guild Wars 2. Right now i do have 3 max level characters in the game (A Guardian, warrior and Thief). Mesmer will be a big difference.



For my Mesmer i started off as a human female, and i totally forgot that the game throw your right in to the middle of the action when you start, including a fight with a boss just minutes after starting the game. Which was fun, but you do feel very overpowered when you do fight this boss at level 1.

The shatters build i plan to use for this character is here. I’ve never played a Mesmer before so I’m not sure if this is a good build or not, but from what i see it look good. Any advise would be good. My plan is to just solo this charter, i don’t really have any plan to do any or much grouping with this Character.


Just starting out in The Plains of Ashford i forgot how nice Guild Wars 2 can look.



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