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The Secret of Southsun GW2 update.

So there was a big Guild Wars 2 update today (The Secret of Southsun). This is a large update that move the story of southsun cove forward. It also added a huge amount of achievements for the area. has an achievement guide  that has everything you need to get all the achievements (Consortium Rewards club member  southsun Setter Support, southsun sightseer, southsun VIP meer and greet, Southsun Volunteer fieldwork/sample collection, crab toss and so on).

I’ve managed to do most of the achievements today. The Southsun Samples all are flower that will have you going all over the island. One thing to note is when you get to the lava pit, near the top is a pair of goggles. If you grab them and jump you’ll get the achievement The Goggles Do Nothing, which i thought was rather funny. You’ll see a line of people jumping to their deaths in to a lava pit.

Crab Toss kind of annoys me, your in an arena with about 8 other people. And you attemped to hold on to the crab the longest. What i found with the game is most people’s first or second time they don’t get to many point. (like 1-30). There will be one or 2 people who really know what they will be doing that will get like 100-150 of the total 200 points (i think its a total of 200). At the end of the crab toss there is a chest, but i haven’t really got anything good out of it. I also haven’t been in the top 3, so i don’t know if they get better items or not.

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