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Sim City 4.0 Update

So Sim City has release patch 4.0, you can view the patch notes here.

The important parts of the update

  • New park — sigh would be nice for them to fix the broken parts of the game before adding new stuff.
  • New Region: Edgewater — same as above fix the game first (i’ll try to play a game with this map though)
  • Turning on launch feature on Month later  — Global market price will dynamically change as you play. There turning on leaderboard (only for some server with the other to come on some time afterwards), Region Filters (you can now pick the map you want to play on with other people).

Other than that there wasn’t much done. Now to play Patch 4 and see what i think…

I made 2 cities in Edgewater, the first was in Gardner Valley. This first city i made to be a oil producing city. And it honestly worked out pretty well, traffic didn’t appear to be much of an issue, and i was able to get pretty far with the oil producing business (to the point i stopped selling oil and started working on plastic. I got my population up to 81,000 with out much traffic which is nice.

The second city i made was in McKenzie Point. This was my Gaming Vegas style city, unlike the oil city i had much much more issues with this city. The biggest issue was traffic, even at just 70,000 people my city was swamped with traffic. I had Buses, street cars, trains, boats, airplanes, i couldn’t get over the traffic issues. The issues are the results of just a couple 5 or 6 huge commercial buildings that seem to have 1000 cars going to it (like 1/2 the city is employee in that 1/2 block). I ended up rage quiting at that point as nothing i did seem to have any effect on the traffic.

After playing the first city i was going to say that Sim City had finally reached Release quality as that first city was rather enjoyable to play and i really didn’t have many issues… BUT then i made a gambling city and ended up having worse traffic than New York city when the metro down… and with only 70K people. For anyone thinking about buying the game, its still beta quality, even though it been out for month…


I probably should of asked for my money back instead of waiting and hopping it would get better.



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