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June 2013 Gaming system build ($500, $1000, $1500)

Since i’ve been configuring my own Gaming rigs, and helping friend with their for the last 10 years, i’ve decided to make a quarterly guide to build systems. So i’m making some assumptions here for these PC guild.

  • You have a Monitor
  • You have Speakers/headphones
  • You have a Case

Everything else i will be including in my builds.

$500 Gaming System build June 2013.

Total cost $497. I’ll be honest here i wouldn’t recommend this to any of my friends. If your going to buy a gaming computer and can afford it you need to put down more than 500 bucks. With this for all the part except the CPU and Powersupply i looked for the cheapest that had good rating. For the CPU and Video card i had a hard choise. I could of gotten a I5 at 3.1GB but then i would have to get a Geforce 650. I went with the higher end graphs card over the CPU.

$1000 Gaming system build June 2013

Total Cost $989. Now this is a system i could recommend to my friends. Unlike the 500 bucks system were i felt like i made a sacrifice between the CPU and Video, we have a high end I5, and a high end 670 on this system. If i was willing to spend more i’d up the ram from 1600 to 2400, and keep it at 8GB (most games still don’t use more than 4GB of ram, but that might change when the new console come out). With that said ram is cheap, so it one of the cheapest components to switch out.\

$1500 Gaming System Build June 2013

Total Cost 1484. This is a system i would get. Though i might splurge and replace the hard drive with an SSD, but other than that, this is pretty much a top of the line system.

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