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Mines of Gloomingdeep, starting my ranger

So after almost 10 years i’ve come back to Everquest… Mostly because i have nothing else to play and its free to play… and i do miss everquest. So since i’ve last played Everquest they’ve changed the starting area. Instead of starting at each races city you start in the mines of gloomingdeep, with your home city Crescent Reach… I am hoping that i’ll be able to go back to my home city from crescent Reach.

So far even though Everquest feels a little slow (the fight at least). I do kind of like it. The story for this zone so far… kind of sucks, but it could be worse.

Now that i’ve made it to level 8 i guess i’ll be leaving Gloomingdeep, where would i go from here, is leveling in the original world zone viable or should i stick in the newer zones.

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