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In to Crescent Reach

So the the tutorial (Mines of Gloomingdeep) gets you to about level 10 went i left. Thing i really liked was the list of quest that they had. I am not sure if every single zone now has one of these or not but i did like it. It added a little bit of rails to everquest, which is pretty much has no rails at all.  So after leaving the mines of Gloomingdeep your taking to Crescent Reach (or at least i was, i couldn’t pick any other city as a human ranger).


It hard to believe a game that 14 years old looks this good. (though yes the content i’m looking at is not that old, to be honest i have no idea which expansion Crescent Reach is part of). Crescent Reach is the city of the Drakkin’s which were create by the Circle of the Crystalwing which is controlled by 6 dragon, each dragon is in one of the little room thing in the picture below. Unlike Gloomingdeep i didn’t get a nice here a master quest with all the quest and optional quest that you did in Gloomingdeep. But it wasn’t to hard to follow the quest until i finished the “Getting to know you” series of quest. This unlocked the 6 Council’s quest which lead to breath of XXX quests. I spent an hour trying to figure out why i couldn’t get the Breath of XXX quests. Turn out you have to be a Drakkin which make i probably should of figure out..




At this point since i’m level 10 and not sure where the next quest line start here, i’m going to follow the tip that get mailed to you when you reach level 10 and head to the plane of knowledge and find my armor quest guys.

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