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The Fields of Bones, and Kurn’s Tower

So i started a Berserk, and got him through  the Mines of Gloomingdeep with out dying which was nice. Killing thing was much slower, i chose to have a healer mercenary instead of a tank. After i got to level 10 i completed the Haunted Butcherblock quest again as an ogre. The interesting thing here is the that evil Armor guy would not give me the quest, i had to get it from the neutral person. It appears now that everyone home city is Crescent Reach, all character start off neutral… Or at least i thought until i ran in to my first guard in Butcherblock who promptly killed me.


Since i was still level 10 and had to get another level before i could get another quest i went off to The Fields of Bones and Kurn’s Tower on Kunark. I tired to do a little grinding in the bone pit in the middle, but ended up picking up to many extra adds. So i wandered in to Kurn Tower instead. These mob gave better Exp and was easier to fight just one at a time. So i popped and Xp potion and grinded out 2 level in 1/2 an hour.


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